Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ross's Ethnography: Japanese Lang Tools

Observe members of the Japan club and other related organizations/classes for hints at what kinds of language tools they use and what features are most appreciated in those tools.

Here is a brainstorming outline:
-Native Members

-Non Native Members
-Speaks Japanese
-Electronic Dictionary
-Input and display options
-Stroke Order
-Stroke Number
-JLPT ranking
-related vocabulary
-Sketch Recognition
-Battery Life
-Ease of use
-School issued book
-Flash Cards
-Other tools
-Doesn't speak Japanese

Other observations could include a breakdown of gender, race, religion, income bracket, and political outlooks. More than likely, I'll stick to gender and tool usage.

So far, it's just me doing this ethnography but others are welcome to join.
Leave a comment if you want to.

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